I was previously not privvy to even the fact of this Vault's existence, but my opinion so far is of Fallout 3 being an excellent game (I own it for Playstation 3) and would bring much more leisure if played on PC with some sort of Devlepors console or Kit. I believe I will purchase Fallout 3 and New Vegas for PC, as they are largely popular and seem rightly so. It appears as though this mod is quite unrealistic, in my speculation that it will never see full completion. I believe it has already been deserted by the creator/s. However, if I come to the purchase of this game or both of them, I will download this mod to trial it.

Don't really know why I wrote that.

Oh well.

Guess this wiki needed someone to write in it.

They get lonely you know.

Created, and then left blank, left to sit at the back of the internet for years.

Well a least I've made this one happy.

true my friend true afterall we all have a heart.csabijo

Matt was here.

Hi Matt. I created and last updated this mod when I was like 14 years old and now I'm 20 years old and in medical school. So yeah I can confirm that this mod will never be finished but I still like getting these e-mail notifications whenever someone edits the wiki :) -Alex