Story: Edit

The Children of Ragnarok are basically a cult, they believe that the nuclear war was the "Ragnarok", the Norse Mythology equivalant to "End of the World", however the members of the cult are devoted to actually finishing Ragnarok by killing every last human alive on the earth, starting with you!

Locations: Edit

  • Mostly in the Wasteland
  • Small outpost in Old Reykjavik

Rivals: Edit

  • Everything.

Key Members: Edit

  • [Name Pending] The cult Leader

The cult leader is actually the only sane person in the cult, he tells these people that he is Loki, a Norse god, in his human form and in order to do battle with the other gods he must have the earth "cleared". He also asks these people for all of their possessions and in exchange he will grant them entry to Valhalla, the Norse Mythology "heaven".