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This is a rather short quest, you start it at Vallarhjaleiga from Sigurdur, you have to bring him 5 gecko meat.

Story: Edit

Sigurdur Jonsson has been living in Vallarhjaleiga since he and his wife, Asta, got out of vault 228, 5 years ago. The very first night at the abandoned ranch they found, Vallarhjaleiga, geckos came and dragged his wife, Asta, out into the wasteland in the middle of the night, Sigurdur went for his gun but the gecko struck him unconscious, several days later he found his wife dead, he wants revenge on the geckos, hence the quest.

Reward: Edit

Fun Facts: Edit

  • The name is a reference to a line in the movie The Sixth Sense "I see dead people"
  • The name of the reward weapon is a reference to Ghostbusters, the huge things the Ghostbusters carry on their backs are also called "Proton Packs".